Johann Heinrich Bisterfeld

Johann Heinrich Bisterfeld (1605 – 16 February 1655) was a German philosopher, logician and encyclopedic writer from Siegen.[1] A follower of Ramus and pupil of Johann Heinrich Alsted at the Herborn Academy (Academia Nassauensis),[2] Bisterfeld became head of the academy in Weissenburg (Alba Iulia) in Transylvania, where he died.


  • Philosophiae primae seminarium, 1652 ( second edition: Lugduni Batavorum, 1657).
  • Elementorum logicorum libri tres, Lugduni Batavorum, 1657.[3]
  • Bisterfeldius redivivus, Hagae-Comitum, 1661, appeared posthumously in two volumes, the first being Alphabeti philosophici libri tres, on universal language and the second Logica disputandi; this work is considered an influence on Leibniz.[4]


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