Jimilang Tsho

Jimilang Tsho
Sand Ox Lake
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Fishing at Jimilang Tsho
Jimilang Tsho is located in Bhutan
Jimilang Tsho
Jimilang Tsho
LocationThimphu District, Bhutan
Coordinates27°32′49.7″N 89°30′20.8″E / 27.547139°N 89.505778°E / 27.547139; 89.505778Coordinates: 27°32′49.7″N 89°30′20.8″E / 27.547139°N 89.505778°E / 27.547139; 89.505778
Native nameབྱེམ་མའི་གླང་མཚོ། (Dzongkha)
Surface elevation3,870 metres (12,700 ft)

Jimilang Tsho (also known as Sand Ox Lake) is a natural lake in Thimphu District of Bhutan.[1]: 214 [2]


This lake is situated at an altitude of 3870 m from sea level.[1]


Jimilang Tsho (Sand Ox Lake) takes its name from a legend about a bull that rose up out of the lake and joined the cows of a family utilizing the territory as a summer grazing ground.[1]


Jimilang Tsho is additionally known for its giant trouts, which were introduced during the 1970s.[1]


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