Jarlsminde from the front
General information
LocationAarhus, Denmark
Technical details
Floor count2
Floor area240 m2 (2,600 sq ft)

Jarlsminde is a farm and a listed building in Aarhus, Denmark. The farm was built in 1798 and was listed in the Danish national registry of protected buildings and places by the Danish Heritage Agency on 3 June 1997. The farm is situated in the suburb Stavtrup about 7-8 km. south-west of the city centre of Aarhus where it sits on a hill with a view of Brabrand Lake and the large urban areas on the other side of it.[1][2]

The farm was originally built for Countess Wedel-Jarlsberg.[3] The farm consists of the main two-story building and an outbuilding. The main building was constructed in 1798 and lightly remodeled in 1820. The center of the building is split in a small living room with an adjacent garden room. The eastern section has one large room while the western part is divided in a kitchen and two smaller rooms. From the central living room stairs adorned with classical balusters lead to the upper floor which has a bathroom and a number of smaller rooms. The house contains an iron stove from Bærum Ironworks in Norway from 1820.[1]

The main building is painted white with red winged brick. Cornices of masonry drape around the building on all sides and the roof on the gables are half-hipped while the dormers are hipped. The outbuilding is constructed of boulders with gables of yellow brick and contains a preserved bakery with oven and a partially buried milking room.[1]


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