Jakar Dzong

Jakar Dzong
AffiliationTibetan Buddhism
Jakar Dzong is located in Bhutan
Jakar Dzong
Shown within Bhutan
Geographic coordinates27°32′56″N 90°44′37″E / 27.54889°N 90.74361°E / 27.54889; 90.74361Coordinates: 27°32′56″N 90°44′37″E / 27.54889°N 90.74361°E / 27.54889; 90.74361

Jakar Dzong or Jakar Yugyal Dzong is the dzong or fortress of the Bumthang District in central Bhutan. It is located on a ridge above Jakar town in the Chamkhar valley of Bumthang. It is built on the site of an earlier temple established by the Ralung hierarch Yongzin Ngagi Wangchuk (1517–1554) when he came to Bhutan. Jakar Dzong may be the largest dzong in Bhutan, with a circumference of more than 1,500 metres (4,900 ft).[1]: 168 

The name Jakar is derived from the word bjakhab, meaning "white bird", in reference to Jakar's foundation myth, according to which a roosting white bird signaled the proper and auspicious location to found a monastery around 1549.[1]: 168 


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