International Dateline Hotel

International Dateline Hotel
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LocationNukuʻalofa, Tonga
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The International Dateline Hotel is a hotel in Nukuʻalofa, the capital of Tonga,[1] often used by guests of state.[2] It was established in 1964 with 24 rooms[1] by Janfull International Dateline Hotel Ltd., a joint venture between Tonga and China[3] which according to Pacific Islands Report was the first entry by China into free-market Pacific tourism.[4] The hotel was built to house visitors to the coronation of King Tāufaʻāhau Tupou IV and also marked the start of tourism to Tonga.[5]

It was renovated and expanded in 2001–2003 with a Chinese loan, adding a new wing and redeveloping the waterfront,[3] and again with Chinese funding in 2006. This added 30 rooms and a convention centre whose main conference hall holds 400 people and was built for the 38th Pacific Islands Forum.[3][4]

Ownership was transferred to the government of Tonga in 2012 after the original hotel went into liquidation.[6] Another renovation was begun in 2015 by the Tanoa Hotel Group with support from the government.[7] The work was carried out by the Reddy Group.[8] This preserved the original atmosphere of the public areas while modernising the rooms and added a pool bar, restaurant and spa area.[9] It was reopened by King Tupou VI on 16 February 2017.[8][9] Prime Minister ʻAkilisi Pōhiva said that "such project contributes heavily to economic development."[8] Later in 2017, the hotel hosted the Commonwealth Observer Group to the 2017 Tongan general election.[10]

The hotel has 120 rooms: 6 long term apartments, 4 ocean view suites, 43 superior rooms with balcony, 27 superior king rooms, 38 ocean view queen rooms, and 2 disable access rooms.


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