Intermediate school district

An intermediate school district, in the United States, is a term used by some states to classify a special agency that operates outside the traditional charter of a school district. The specific role of these agencies varies by state.


In Michigan, an intermediate school district (also known as an educational service agency) is a government agency usually organized at the county or multi-county level that assists a local school district in providing programs and services.[1] Those services and programs include teacher education, enhancing education for very young or disenfranchised youth, providing resources for curriculum development, and training in new technologies.[2] They collect data for the Michigan Department of Education,[1] and act as liaisons to the State of Michigan government.[2] An intermediate school district has a board of education chosen by a group of electors with one member from each local school district's board of education.[3] Additionally, they may recommend a merger of school districts to the Michigan State Board of Education.[4]


In Minnesota, an intermediate school district is a special designation applied to a school district formed as a cooperative effort of two or more school districts "offering integrated services for secondary, post-secondary and adult students in the areas of vocational education, special education, and other authorized services."[5]

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