Inkilltambo is located in Peru
Shown within Peru
Location Peru
Cusco Province, Cusco
Coordinates13°30′6.97″S 71°57′8.51″W / 13.5019361°S 71.9523639°W / -13.5019361; -71.9523639Coordinates: 13°30′6.97″S 71°57′8.51″W / 13.5019361°S 71.9523639°W / -13.5019361; -71.9523639

Inkilltambo,[1] Inquilltambo,[2] Inquiltambo[3] or Inkill Tampu[4] (possibly from Quechua inkill terrain where plants are cultivated, especially ornamental ones, tampu inn)[5] is an archaeological site in Peru. It is situated in the Cusco Region, Cusco Province, San Sebastián District.[1]


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