Inini (river)

Confluence of the Inini River with the Lawa River (1903)
Inini (river) is located in French Guiana
Inini (river)
CommuneSaül & Maripasoula, French Guiana
Physical characteristics
 • locationConfluence of the Emerillon Creek and the Limonade Creek
 • coordinates3°23′49″N 53°14′27″W / 3.3969°N 53.2408°W / 3.3969; -53.2408
 • location
Confluence with Lawa
 • coordinates
03°38′55″N 54°00′15″W / 3.64861°N 54.00417°W / 3.64861; -54.00417
Length215 km
Basin features
ProgressionLawaMaroniAtlantic Ocean

The Inini or Grand Inini is a river in western French Guiana. It is a tributary of the Lawa, the upper course of the Maroni. The river is 215 km (134 mi) long (including its upper course Limonade) and non-navigable.[1] The Inini is the only major river in French Guiana which runs east to west, unlike the other major rivers which run south to north.[2] In the beginning of the 20th century, it was the site of a gold rush, and the gold prospectors have become active in the region again since the 1990s.[3] The Inini territory which has existed between 1930 and 1946 was named after this river.[2]


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