Cusco Peru 2003 panorama.jpg
Cusco with the mountains Pillku Urqu (on the left), Pachatusan (center) and Huaypun in the background
Highest point
Elevation4,200 m (13,800 ft)[1]
Coordinates13°32′54″S 71°45′42″W / 13.54833°S 71.76167°W / -13.54833; -71.76167Coordinates: 13°32′54″S 71°45′42″W / 13.54833°S 71.76167°W / -13.54833; -71.76167
Language of nameQuechua
Huaypun is located in Peru
LocationPeru, Cusco Region, Calca Province
Parent rangeAndes

Huaypun (possibly from Quechua waypu a name applied for different species of Tinamidae, Nothoprocta pentlandii, Rhynchotus rufescens and Rhynchotus maculicollis,[2][3] -n a suffix) is a mountain in the Cusco Region in Peru, about 4,200 metres (13,780 ft) high. It is situated in the Calca Province, San Salvador District, and in the Quispicanchi Province, Oropesa District.[1] Huaypun lies on the western bank of the Vilcanota River, southeast of Pachatusan and southwest of Tauja.

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