Highest point
Elevation5,723 m (18,776 ft)
Coordinates10°31′52″S 75°55′54″W / 10.53111°S 75.93167°W / -10.53111; -75.93167
Huaguruncho is located in Peru
LocationPeru, Pasco Region
Parent rangeAndes, Waqurunchu

Huaguruncho,[1][2][3][4][5] Tarata[6][7] or Huagaruncho[4][8] is a 5,723-metre-high (18,776 ft)[3][4][7] mountain in the Huaguruncho mountain range in the Andes of Peru. Its highest peak, officially named Tarata,[7] is located in the Pasco Region, Pasco Province, on the border of the districts of Huachón and Ticlacayan. A minor peak, named Huaguruncho Chico[7] by the IGN map, lies west of it in the Ticlacayan District.[6]

Research revealed that fluctuations in Huaguruncho's glaciers were caused by temperature changes in the tropical Atlantic Ocean, with the last major glacial expansion occurring ca. 4000–2000 years ago.[5]


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