Huánuco Province

San Sebastian church in Huánuco
San Sebastian church in Huánuco
Flag of Huánuco
Coat of arms of Huánuco
Location of Huánuco in the Huánuco Region
Location of Huánuco in the Huánuco Region
 • MayorJosé Luis Villavicencio Guardia
 • Total4,022.54 km2 (1,553.11 sq mi)
 • Total254,133
 • Density63/km2 (160/sq mi)

The Huánuco Province is one of 11 provinces of the Huánuco Region in Peru. The capital of the province is the city of Huánuco.



Some of the highest mountains of the province are listed below:[1][2]

Political division

The province is divided into twelve districts.

Ethnic groups

The province is inhabited by indigenous citizens of Quechua descent. Spanish is the language which the majority of the population (75.97%) learnt to speak in childhood, 23.74% of the residents started speaking using the Quechua language (2007 Peru Census).[3]


On 21 December 2005, eight Peruvian policemen were killed by Shining Path terrorists.[4] The policemen were involved in the government's efforts of destroying coca crops.

On 19 November 2009, Peruvian policemen reported apprehending gang members suspected of killing people in Huanuco Province for their fat and selling the fat on the black market for use in cosmetics in Europe. Three suspects confessed to killing 5 people and told the police that the fat was worth $60,000 a gallon. At least 60 people are reported missing this year in Huanuco Province. [1]

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