Holy Family Cathedral, Rumbek

Holy Family Cathedral
Rumbek Cathedral.JPG
Country South Sudan
DenominationRoman Catholic Church
DioceseRoman Catholic Diocese of Rumbek

The Holy Family Cathedral[1] or Cathedral of Rumbek, is a religious building belonging to the Roman Catholic Church is located in the town of Rumbek,[2] capital of Lakes State, in the African country of South Sudan,[3][4] and that serves as the seat of the bishop of Rumbek.

A relatively modest cathedral, it is a small building dedicated to the Holy Family, more like a chapel of a mission than a traditional cathedral in the architectural sense. It was restored by Bishop Cesare Mazzolari (1937-2011).

It was built in 1955 when the territory was still part of Anglo-Egyptian Sudan.

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Coordinates: 6°48′26″N 29°40′35″E / 6.8072°N 29.6763°E / 6.8072; 29.6763

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