Cyrillic Turkmen Хоҗамбаз
Hojambaz city monument
Hojambaz city monument
Hojambaz is located in Turkmenistan
Location in Turkmenistan
Coordinates: 38°07′N 65°00′E / 38.117°N 65.000°E / 38.117; 65.000Coordinates: 38°07′N 65°00′E / 38.117°N 65.000°E / 38.117; 65.000
CountryFlag of Turkmenistan.svg Turkmenistan
ProvinceLebap Province
DistrictHojambaz District
 • Total21,465

Hojambaz or Hodzhambas is a city and capital of Hojambaz District in Lebap Province, Turkmenistan.


In Persian, the name of the city means "warrior" although it has undergone some phonetic modification.[1] On 19th-century Russian maps of the area, the name was annotated as Cyrillic Ходжа-Джамбас (Hodzha-Dzhambas) and Ходжа-Джумбус (Khodja-Dzhumbus), and in the 1926 documents demarcating the Turkmen SSR as Ходжа-Джанбаз (Khodzha-Dzhanbas).[1]


The city's economy is dominated by employment at the China National Petroleum Company natural gas works in the Bagtyýarlyk gas field. The surrounding Hojambaz District produces cotton, which is ginned in the city.[2]


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