Highway 6 (Israel)

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Highway 6
כביש 6
Trans Israel Highway
Hebrew: כביש חוצה ישראל, romanizedKvish Ḥotze Yisra'el
Yitzhak Rabin Highway
Hebrew: כביש יצחק רבין, romanized: Kvish Yitzḥak Rabin
Route information
Length204 km (127 mi)
Major junctions
South endShoket (Shoket Interchange)
Major intersections
North endSomekh Interchange
Major citiesBe'er Sheva, Kiryat Gat, Ramla, Petah Tikva, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Rosh HaAyin, Pardes Hanna-Karkur, Hadera, Yokneam Illit, Haifa, [Shefa-'Amr]]
Highway system
Highway 5 Highway 7
The Israeli toll road symbol featuring the Sheqel symbol from the Israeli new sheqel
Headquarters and control centre near Rosh HaAyin
Highway near Horshim Interchange
Kvish Shesh

Highway 6 (Hebrew: כביש 6, Kvish Shesh), also known as the Trans-Israel Highway or Cross-Israel Highway (Hebrew: כביש חוצה ישראל, Kvish Ḥotzeh Yisra'el), is a major electronic toll highway in Israel.[1] Highway 6 is the first Israeli Build-Operate-Transfer road constructed, carried out mainly by the private sector in return for a concession to collect tolls on the highway for a given number of years. It is also one of the largest infrastructure projects undertaken in Israel.


The highway is officially dedicated the Yitzhak Rabin Highway (Hebrew: כביש יצחק רבין, Kvish Yitzḥak Rabin), though this name is not commonly used. It began operating in 2002 and continues to be lengthened as construction proceeds on newer sections. The southern terminus is at Shoket Interchange, opened in November 2016.[2] The northern terminus is the Tel Kashish Interchange, opened on November 14, 2018, where the highway now merges into Highway 70 heading northwest. Another northern extension to Somech Interchange opened in 2019.[3]


The aim of the Highway is to provide an efficient north–south transportation corridor in the country while allowing drivers to bypass the traffic-congested Tel Aviv region, located in the center of the country. Thus it is the easternmost major highway in Israel, in some places located almost right on the Green Line. Currently the highway is 204 km long, all of which is a controlled-access highway. This figure will grow in the next few years as additional segments are extended both northward and southward from the existing section of the road. As of 2013 some segments were under construction while others were undergoing statutory approvals and permitting processes.

Characteristics and pricing

Highway 6 uses a system of cameras and transponders to toll vehicles automatically. There are no toll booths, allowing it to operate as a normal freeway with interchanges. A radio antenna detects when a vehicle with a transponder has entered and exited the highway, calculating the toll rate. For vehicles without a transponder, an automatic license plate recognition system is used. Monthly statements are mailed to users. Highway 6 is based on the technology of the Highway 407 in Ontario, Canada developed by Raytheon.

The pricing scheme is based on the number of segments a driver passes in a given trip. Each segment is the road span between two interchanges. As of April 2018, the pricing for up to 3 segments was 19.78 NIS, 23.83 NIS for 4 segments, and 27.88 NIS for 5 or more segments. An additional fee is paid when driving through the "northern" segment, the cost of which is additional 5.74 NIS. Pricing for motorcycles and heavy vehicles such as trucks is different.[4]

The price above is discounted for drivers who register with Highway 6's operator and install the in-vehicle transponder unit (called a "Passkal", lit. "easy-pass") to record their highway usage. When a vehicle does not have a transponder, its license plate is scanned and the vehicle identified. Drivers who pre-register their license plate with the operator and establish a direct billing relationship also receive a discounted rate (though they pay more than those who have installed a "Passkal"). If a license plate is not located in Highway 6's database, the bill is sent to the owner of the vehicle according to the car registration with the Israeli Ministry of Transportation. Such a vehicle pays the highest rate.[citation needed]

The licensed road operator, Derech Eretz, operates a fleet of service vehicles that patrol the entire length of the highway and assist drivers in need. Since it is technically a private road, the road operator is required to pay the Israel police for traffic enforcement.

The tolled sections north of Yokneam are operated by a different franchisee called "6 – Northern Crossing". Registration and billing for these sections are handled separately by them and tolling is performed using automatic license plate recognition only (no tolling by transponder).

Free segments

All the existing (and planned) segments of Highway 6 south of Soreq interchange are free in both directions, as is the segment between Ben Shemen and Daniyyel interchanges, where Highway 6 runs concurrently with Highway 1. Also free is the northern section between Highway 77 and Highway 75 in the western Jezreel Valley (in part of the section where Highway 6 runs concurrently with Highway 70).

Financial statistics

In March 2006, Derech Eretz reported a profit of 89 million NIS for 2005, an increase of 56% from 2004, on income of 779 million NIS, an increase of 137% from 2004.

At the end of 2005:

  • about 500,000 registered subscribers (one subscriber can own multiple vehicles),
  • 1.36 million individual users (increase from 1.1 million users),
  • 21 million trips,
  • 80% of trips are by subscribers,
  • Bill collection success rate was 97%.


The highway's kilometer count starts at 30, since it includes the planned southern extensions.

km Name Type Meaning Location Road(s) Crossed
0 צומת הנגב
(HaNegev Junction)
AB-AS-blau.svg Named after Negev Desert Ir HaBahadim (u.c.) ISR-HW-40.svg Highway 40
ISR-HW-224.svg Route 224
19 מחלף נבטים
(Nevatim Interchange)
AB-AS-blau.svg Named after location Nevatim ISR-HW-25.svg Highway 25
30 מחלף שוקת
(Shoket Interchange)
AB-AS-blau.svgShoketWestInterchange.svg Water trough Tel Shoket ISR-HW-31.svg Highway 31
ISR-HW-60.svg Highway 60
40 מחלף להבים
(Lehavim Interchange)
AB-AS-blau.svgLehavimInterchange.svg Flames Lehavim ISR-HW-310.svg Route 310
43.5 מחלף רהט

(Rahat Interchange)

AB-AS-blau.svgRahatInterchange.svg Named after location Rahat ISR-HW-40.svg Highway 40
46 מחלף דבירה

(Devira Interchange)

AB-AS-blau.svgDeviraInterchange.svg Named after location Dvir ISR-HW-325.svg Route 325
55.5 מחלף קמה
(Kama Interchange)
AB-AS-blau.svgKamahInterchange.svg Cereal grain Beit Kama ISR-HW-40.svg Highway 40
ISR-HW-293.svg Route 293
66 מחלף מאחז
(Ma'ahaz Interchange)
AB-Kreuz-blau.svgILjunction-maahaz.png Named after nearby
Ma'ahaz Stream
Beit Kama ISR-HW-40.svg Highway 40
76 מחלף קרית גת
(Kiryat Gat Interchange)
AB-AS-blau.svgILjunction-gat.png Named after location Kiryat Gat ISR-HW-35.svg Highway 35
100 מחלף שורק
(Sorek Interchange)
AB-AS-blau.svg ILjunction-sorek.png Named after nearby
Brook of Sorek
Yad Binyamin ISR-HW-3.svg Highway 3
ISR-HW-7.svg Highway 7
106 Zeichen 123 - Baustelle, StVO 1992.svg מחלף חולדה
(Hulda Interchange)
AB-AS-blau.svg Named after location Hulda ISR-HW-411.svg Route 411
111 Petrol and rest area Zeichen 377 - Autobahnkiosk (600x600), StVO 1992.svg AB-Tank.svg Parkplatz mit WC (Zeichen).svg Na'an Pfeil oben.svg Pfeil unten.svg both directions
114 מחלף נשרים
(Nesharim Interchange)
AB-AS-blau.svgILjunction-nesharim.png Named after nearby
Nesher Cement factory
Ramla ISR-FW-431.svg Highway 431
ISR-HW-44.svg Highway 44
ISR-HW424.png Route 424
118 מחלף דניאל
(Daniel Interchange)
AB-Kreuz-blau.svgILjunction-daniel.png Named after location Kfar Daniel ISR-FW-1.svg Highway 1
122 מחלף בן שמן
(Ben Shemen Interchange)
AB-Kreuz-blau.svgILjunction-benshemen.png Named after location Ben Shemen ISR-FW-1.svg Highway 1
ISR-HW-443.svg Route 443
ISR-HW-444.svg Route 444
123 tunnels
4 lanes, 450 metres
AB-Tunnel.svgAB-Tunnel.svg Tel Hadid
123 bridge
2 lanes, 300 metres
AB-Brücke.svg Tel Hadid
124 bridge
2 lanes, 170 metres
AB-Brücke.svg Beit Nehemiah
133 Zeichen 123 - Baustelle, StVO 1992.svg מחלף גבעת כ"ח
(Giv'at Koah Interchange)
AB-AS-blau.svg Named after location Giv'at Koah ISR-HW-444.svg Route 444
ISR-HW-461.svg Route 461
137 מחלף נחשונים
(Nahshonim Interchange)
AB-AS-blau.svgILjunction-nachshonim.png Named after location Nahshonim ISR-HW471.svg Route 471
142 מחלף קסם
(Kessem Interchange)
AB-Kreuz-blau.svgILjunction-kesem.png Named after nearby
Kafr Qasim
Rosh HaAyin ISR-FW-5.svg Highway 5
ISR-HW-444.svg Route 444
145 מחלף חורשים
(Horshim Interchange)
AB-AS-blau.svgILjunction-horashim.png Named after location Horshim ISR-HW-531.svg Route 531
ISR-HW-5233.svg Road 5233
153 מחלף אייל
(Eyal Interchange)
AB-AS-blau.svgILjunction-eyal.png Named after location Eyal ISR-HW-551.svg Route 551
166 מחלף ניצני עוז
(Nitzanei Oz Interchange)
AB-AS-blau.svgILjunction-oz.png Named after location Nitzanei Oz ISR-HW-57.svg Highway 57
174 Petrol and rest area Zeichen 377 - Autobahnkiosk (600x600), StVO 1992.svg AB-Tank.svg Parkplatz mit WC (Zeichen).svg Lehavot Haviva Pfeil oben.svg Pfeil unten.svg both directions
177 מחלף באקה
(Baqa Interchange)
AB-AS-blau.svgILjunction-baaka.png Named after location Baqa al-Gharbiyye ISR-HW-9.svg Highway 9
186 מחלף עירון
(Iron Interchange)
AB-AS-blau.svgILjunction-eiron.png Named after nearby
Iron Stream
Barkai ISR-HW-65.svg Highway 65
194.5 tunnels
2 lanes, 350 metres
AB-Tunnel.svgAB-Tunnel.svg Giv'at Nili
200 מחלף עין תות
(Ein Tut Interchange)
AB-Kreuz-blau.svgILjunction-eintut.png Named after nearby
Nahal Tut
Elyakim ISR-HW-67.svg Highway 67
202.5 מחלף אליקים
(Elyakim Interchange)
AB-AS-blau.svgElyakimInterchange.svg ult. Jehoiakim Elyakim ISR-HW-672.svg Route 672
206 מחלף יקנעם

(Yokne'am Interchange)

AB-AS-blau.svg Named after location Yokneam Illit ISR-HW-722.svg Route 722
206.5 Tunnels
4 lanes, 1,750 metres
AB-Tunnel.svgAB-Tunnel.svg Yokneam Illit
209 מחלף תל קשיש
(Tel Qashish Interchange)
AB-AS-blau.svg Named after location Tel Qashish ISR-HW-66.svg Highway 66
ISR-HW-77.svg Highway 77
216.5 מחלף שער העמקים
(Sha'ar HaAmakim Interchange)
AB-AS-blau.svg Gate of the valleys Sha'ar HaAmakim
Kiryat Tiv'on

ISR-HW-75.svg Highway 75

219.5 Tunnels
4 lanes, 2,000 meters
AB-Tunnel.svgAB-Tunnel.svg Rekhasim
220.5 Tunnels
4 lanes, 400 meters
AB-Tunnel.svgAB-Tunnel.svg Ibtin
222 מחלף גבעות אלונים
(Givot Alonim Interchange)
AB-AS-blau.svg Oak hills Khawaled ISR-HW-70.svg Highway 70


227 מחלף סומך
(Somech Interchange)
AB-AS-blau.svg ult. Semikhah[5] Kiryat Ata ISR-HW-79.svg Highway 79
ISR-HW-70.svg Highway 70


228 מחלף אבליים
(Avlayim Interchange)
AB-AS-blau.svg Named after location Shfar'am
ISR-HW-781.svg Route 781
ISR-HW-70.svg Highway 70
240 מחלף יאסיף-אחיהוד
(Yasif-Ahihud Interchange)
AB-AS-blau.svg Named after location Kafr Yasif
ISR-HW-85.svg Highway 85

ISR-HW-70.svg Highway 70

252 מחלף כברי
(Kabri Interchange)
AB-AS-blau.svg Named after nearby Kabri ISR-HW-89.svg Highway 89
260 מחלף שלומי
(Shlomi Interchange)
AB-AS-blau.svg ult. Shelomi, father of Ahihud Shlomi
ISR-HW-899.svg Route 899


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