Gulf of Tomini

Gulf of Tomini
also known as the Bay of Tomini
Gulf of Tomini's map.PNG
The gulf of Tomini lies in the north-eastern part of Sulawesi.
Gulf of Tomini is located in Sulawesi
Gulf of Tomini
Gulf of Tomini
LocationSoutheast Asia
Coordinates0°0′00″N 121°0′00″E / 0.00000°N 121.00000°E / 0.00000; 121.00000Coordinates: 0°0′00″N 121°0′00″E / 0.00000°N 121.00000°E / 0.00000; 121.00000
Native nameTeluk Tomini (Indonesian)
Basin countriesIndonesia
SettlementsGorontalo, Poso

The Gulf of Tomini[1] (Indonesian: Teluk Tomini), also known as the Bay of Tomini, is the equatorial gulf which separates the Minahassa (Northern) and East Peninsulas of the island of Sulawesi (Celebes) in Indonesia. The Togian Islands lie near its center. To the east, the Gulf opens onto the Molucca Sea.


Map showing the Togian Islands highlighted in the Gulf of Tomini.

The International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) defines the Gulf of Tomini as being one of the divisions of the East Indian Archipelago.[2] It is defined as the waters west of the "Western limit of the Molukka Sea",[1] which is elsewhere defined as the line running from "Tg. Pasir Pandjang (0°39′S 123°25′E / 0.650°S 123.417°E / -0.650; 123.417)... across to Tg. Tombalilatoe (123° 21′ E) on the opposite coast".[3]



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