Glow in the Park Parade

Glow in the Park Parade
Glow in the Park Parade logo.png
Six Flags México
Opening dateMarch 14, 2008
Six Flags Great America
Opening date2010
Closing date2012
ReplacedBugs Bunny Starlight Spectacular
Replaced byigNIGHT - Grand Finale
Six Flags Great Adventure
Opening dateMay 26, 2008
Closing date2010
Six Flags New England
Opening date2008
Closing date2010
Six Flags Over Texas
Opening date2009
Closing date2010
Six Flags St. Louis
Opening date2009
Closing date2010
Ride statistics
Attraction typeParade
MusicLet it Shine

The Glow in the Park Parade is a parade that takes place every night during the summer months at Six Flags Mexico, and formerly at other Six Flags parks.


Six Flags teamed up with The Goddard Group to create a nighttime parade[1] at several of their parks. The Glow in the Park Parade started at three parks in 2008: Six Flags Great Adventure,[2] Six Flags México, and Six Flags New England.[3] The parade at each park ran from late May to early September each year. During the parade, the theme park lights would dim to increase the visibility of the illuminated floats. The parade featured drummers, puppeteers, dancers, and kinetic stilt walkers.[2] Various Looney Tunes characters, DC Comics characters, Scooby-Doo, and Mr. Six were among the characters that appeared in the parade.

In 2009, the parade was added in two more parks, Six Flags Over Texas[4] and Six Flags St. Louis.[5] In 2010, Six Flags Great America added the parade.[6]

In late 2010, Six Flags began to remove licensed theming from its parks' attractions.[7][8] While terminating the licenses from attractions, they also terminated the parade at four of their parks. Great America removed the parade in 2012, leaving Six Flags Mexico the only park where the parade still performs, mainly for seasonal events.

Since 2015, the parade is shown at Six Flags Mexico's Christmas in the Park event, and so the parade's name changed to Christmas Light Parade, with a christmassy soundtrack replacing Let it Shine. A temporary float sponsored by Netflix's The Christmas Chronicles also appeared at the end of the parade in 2018.


Magic Light Parade at Six Flags México
Glow in the Park Parade at Six Flags St. Louis
Location First Season Last Season Notes
Six Flags Great America 2010 2012
Six Flags Great Adventure 2008 2010
Six Flags New England 2008 2010 The parade did not run during the 2009 season.
Six Flags México 2008 Known as Magic Light Parade, operates seasonally
Six Flags Over Texas 2009 2010
Six Flags St. Louis 2009 2010


The parade featured 5 main floats, alongside 2 smaller floats.


The song "Let it Shine" that serves as a soundtrack for the parade was composed by Benoît Jutras, with lyrics by Marcy Heisler.[9] A Spanish-language version of the song is used for the Six Flags Mexico version.


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