Gibraltar Defence Police

Coordinates: 36°08′26″N 5°21′24″W / 36.14048°N 5.356641°W / 36.14048; -5.356641

Gibraltar Defence Police
Flag of Gibraltar
Flag of Gibraltar
Common nameDefence Police
Agency overview
Jurisdictional structure
Operations jurisdictionGIB
Population32,194 (2015)
Legal jurisdictionGibraltar
Governing bodyMinistry of Defence
General nature
Operational structure
HeadquartersNorthgate House, HM Naval Base, Gibraltar
Sworn members95
Unsworn members50
Agency executive
  • Rob Allen, Chief of Police
Patrol carsYes
Motor patrol boats2 (15-metre)
Rigid-hulled inflatable boats2 (Arctic 24)
Police dogsYes
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The Gibraltar Defence Police (GDP) is a civil police force which provides a policing and security service for the Ministry of Defence in Gibraltar. Prior to 17 December 2009 it was known as the Gibraltar Services Police (GSP).[1]


GDP Ford patrol car

The Gibraltar Defence Police is one of three civilian police forces within the UK Ministry of Defence. Officers are sworn under the Police Act of the Laws of Gibraltar. The Chief of Police is currently Rob Allen. An independent civilian police force which also provides civilian unarmed guards, the Chief of Police is responsible to the Commander, British Forces Gibraltar.


In 2020, the strength of the force was:[citation needed] one chief of police, one deputy chief of police, two chief inspectors, five inspectors, 14 sergeants, 72 constables, together with civilian support staff and uniformed guards.


Since 2016 the GDP has shared a purpose-built headquarters with the British Armed Forces Joint Provost and Security Unit (JPSU) (military police) at HM Naval Base Gibraltar.

Pay and conditions

Pay and conditions of the force are identical to those of the Ministry of Defence Police (MDP) in the United Kingdom, of which it is a direct equivalent. The Gibraltar Defence Police Federation represents the interests of police officers up to the rank of chief inspector.

Specialist units


There is no specialist firearms unit. Like the MDP, all GDP officers are trained in the use of firearms.

Marine unit

The force has a Marine Unit, founded in 1998, which consists of a sergeant and over twenty constables. It is charged with the seaward defence of Gibraltar's Royal Navy facilities and the warships moored in them, and also assists the Royal Gibraltar Police Marine Section with general security and enforcement patrols of waters surrounding Gibraltar. It operates two motor launches and two rigid-hulled inflatable boats (RHIBs). The original 10-metre motor launches of 1998 were replaced in 2003 with larger and faster 15-metre launches. One of these was itself replaced with a newer boat in 2012.[2] The RHIBs are Arctic 24 type boats, capable of speeds up to 55 knots.[3] Since 2011 the police marine unit has shared a headquarters and boat house with the Gibraltar Squadron of the Royal Navy. The boathouse holds the Navy's 5 patrol boats and RHIBs, and the police's 4 patrol boats and RHIBs.[4]

Dog section

The GDP dog section was formed in 2012, and consists of a team of handlers, led by a sergeant, and six general purpose dogs. The initial six dogs are of the Belgian Shepherd Dog (Malinois) and Dutch Shepherd Dog breeds. The GDP previously relied on service dogs and handlers seconded from United Kingdom police forces, but as part of the GDP Project Euston, which seeks to replace all secondment from UK forces with locally provided Gibraltarian services, the GDP dog section has been established.[5]

Drugs intelligence

The force seconds officers to the Gibraltar Co-ordinating Centre for Criminal Intelligence and Drugs (GCID).


The rank structure of the GDP follows other British police forces, with ranks from chief officer down to constable.

Gibraltar Defence Police ranks and insignia
Rank Chief of police Deputy chief of police Chief inspector Inspector Sergeant Constable
Epaulette insignia Chief Constable.svg Blank.svg CInsp.svg Insp.svg PS Epaulette.svg UK police constable epaulette, 2016.svg


A collection of photographs of the GDP:

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