Gibraltar Botanic Gardens

Gibraltar Botanic Gardens
La Alameda
The Dell in the heart of La Alameda Gardens
Gibraltar Botanic Gardens is located in Gibraltar
Gibraltar Botanic Gardens
TypeBotanical garden
Coordinates36°07′53″N 5°21′04″W / 36.1313°N 5.3511°W / 36.1313; -5.3511
Area6 hectares (15 acres)
Owned byGovernment of Gibraltar
Operated byWildlife (Gibraltar) Limited
StatusOpen all year
PlantsAloes, palms, dragon trees, sunken garden
DirectorDr. Keith Bensusan

The Gibraltar Botanic Gardens or La Alameda Gardens are a botanical garden in Gibraltar, spanning around 6 hectares (15 acres). The Rock Hotel lies above the park.


In 1816 the gardens were commissioned by the British Governor of Gibraltar General George Don. It was his intention that the soldiers stationed in the fortress would have a pleasant recreational area to enjoy when off duty, and so inhabitants could enjoy the air protected from the extreme heat of the sun.[1]

The gardens were resurrected in 1991 by an external company when it was realised that since the 1970s they had fallen into a poor state. Three years later the gardens had the addition of a zoo: the Alameda Wildlife Conservation Park.[1]

In 2001 a bronze sculpture of James Joyce's Molly Bloom was installed in the gardens. This running figure was commissioned from Jon Searle to celebrate the bicentenary of the Gibraltar Chronicle in 2001.[2]

The Eliott Memorial

General Don had commissioned a memorial of George Augustus Eliott, 1st Baron Heathfield in 1815, which did not materialise in the form initially requested. A colossal statue of General Eliot, carved from the bowsprit of the Spanish ship San Juan Nepomuceno, taken at the Battle of Trafalgar was first created.[3] That statue was taken to the Governor's residence, The Convent, where it stands today, being replaced by the present bronze bust in 1858. This statue is guarded for four 18th-century howitzers.[3]

Plants of the gardens

The Elliott Memorial dates from 1858[3]

The plants of the Alameda Gardens are a combination of native species and others brought in from abroad:


The Alameda Open Air Theatre was inaugurated once again on 12 April 1996 at four o'clock with three bands of music playing - the same number of bands as had attended 180 years before to the hour at the opening of the Alameda Gardens in 1816. In order to extend its use from just theatre to general use, a number of new features were introduced, like the waterfall and lake - the largest area of open fresh water on the Rock, with Koi Carp and a collection of exotic lilies. Since its opening, this venue has been used for a variety of purposes, from beauty contests to band concerts, also weddings, dinner dances, conferences and variety shows.[5] It also is the main venue for the GIB Fringe.

The theater is available for hire and all proceeds will go directly into continued improvements in the theatre and in the rest of Gibraltar's historic and rapidly improving Alameda Gardens.

Useful information about the theater and its facilities: Seating Capacity: 435 Stage Area: 120 m2 Lighting Equipment: 34 Wide and Beams with colored filters if required. 3 stage and 3 public entrances. Bar, changing rooms and toilet facilities. Seating with table maximum capacity: 300


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