German Channel

German Channel
German Wall
Aerial view of German Channel
LocationKoror, Palau
Nearest landNgemelis Island
Coordinates7°07′38″N 134°17′03″E / 7.12722°N 134.28417°E / 7.12722; 134.28417
Dive typeOpen-water
Depth range3 to 40 m (9.8 to 131.2 ft)
Average visibility60 ft (18 m)
Entry typeBoat
Bottom compositionSand, coral

German Channel is an artificial channel dug into the Palau's barrier reef in the south-west that connects the lagoon to the Pacific Ocean. The channel was made by the Germans during the time when Palau was a German colony. Presently, it is a popular dive site.[1][2]

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