Georg Friedrich Kaulfuss

Georg Friedrich Kaulfuss
Born8 April 1786
Died9 December 1830 (aged 44)
Scientific career
Author abbrev. (botany)Kaulf.

Georg Friedrich Kaulfuss (8 April 1786 – 9 December 1830) was a professor at Halle. He described the pteridophytes collected by Adelbert von Chamisso, and he named the fern Cibotium chamissoi after him. The genus Kaulfussia is named for Kaulfuss.[1]

In 1816 he obtained his doctorate from the University of Halle, where in 1823 he became a full professor of botany.[2]

Plants Named by Kaulfuss

More than 200 plant names were published by Kaulfuss.[3] These include the genera:

Plant families named by Kaulfuss include:

Works by Kaulfuss

  • Kaulfuss, Georg Friedrich. Enumeratio Filicum. 1824.


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