Museum of Geology, Tashkent

Museum of Geology, Tashkent
"Toshkentdagi Geologiya Muzeyi"
Conglomerate from the riverbed of Isfayramsoy river.JPG
Conglomerate from the riverbed of the Isfayramsoy river in the geological park of the museum.
LocationTashkent, Uzbekistan
Coordinates41°18′01″N 69°16′43″E / 41.3004°N 69.2785°E / 41.3004; 69.2785
TypePublic, historical, geological
DirectorTurmuratov Ilxombay Bekchanovich

The Museum of Geology in Tashkent, Uzbekistan is a geology museum that shows and represents the wealth of mineral and geological resources in Uzbekistan, including valuable stones, minerals and archaeological and paleontological findings.


Gold-containing rock from Muruntau in the museum

The Museum of Geology was first established and opened to the public in 1988. However, the history of the museum covers about 75 years of operation of Uzbekistan geological service, which explored various areas of Uzbekistan. The total number of the stands and exhibits at the Museum of Geology is estimated[who?] to be more than 50 thousand pieces, but the visitors are shown only about the half of the stands at the museum.[citation needed] The reason for this is that, the other exhibits are from ancient times and they need special supplements to stay on for a long time. The museum is mainly divided into two parts, which are the "Inner Hall" and the stands outside the building in a geological park. The museum has opened 12 halls inside the main building, and they present nine topics including mineralogy, geology, history of Uzbekistan, paleontology, ancient mining, geological studies of the Kitab Reserve[1] and others.

During its existence, the Museum of Geology has had two buildings. The museum used its old building until April 2011, when the government of Uzbekistan gave new building to the Museum of Geology administration.

The halls of the museum are as follows:[2][3]

  • Introduction to the geology
  • Ancient mountain artifacts
  • Hall of “Kitab Reserve”
  • Hall of vertebrates
  • Main hall of mineralogy
  • Hall of paleontology
  • Two halls of minerals
  • Monographic hall
  • Regional hall
  • Hall of petrography
  • Expedition hall

International agreements

The Museum of Geology cooperates with some companies of the world, in order to enlarge the base of the museum and fill the archive of the museum with many valuable findings. The corporations that are currently[when?] cooperating with the Museum of Geology are:[4]


Currently[when?] the head of the Museum of Geology in Tashkent is Turmuratov Ilxombay Bekchanovich.[5]


The Museum of Geology is located at 11A T.Shevchenko Street, Mirabad district, Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

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Coordinates: 41°18′01″N 69°16′43″E / 41.3004°N 69.2785°E / 41.3004; 69.2785

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