Güldencrone (noble family)

The coat of arms of Güldencrone.
Vilhelmsborg in Aarhus

Güldencrone, also spelled Guldencrone and Gyldenkrone, is a Danish and Norwegian noble family with the rank of fief baron.[1]


Vilhelm Marselis (1643–1683), who belonged to a 17th-century family prominent within Danish financial circles, was in 1673 raised up to the baronial estate with the name Güldencrone. As Fief Baron Güldencrone, he held the Barony Vilhelmsborg in Aarhus. His son, Christian Baron Güldencrone (1676–1746), was the father of Wilhelm Baron Güldencrone (1701–1747), Jens Baron Güldencrone (1712–1770), and Matthias Baron Güldencrone (1703–1753), the latter of whose son was Christian Frederik Baron Güldencrone (1741–1788). [2] [3] [4]

Christian Frederik Baron Güldencrone's sons were Frederik Julius Christian Baron Güldencrone (1765–1824) and Wilhelm Baron Güldencrone (1768–1806), among whose sons were Ove Christian Ludvig Emerentius Baron Güldencrone (1795–1863) and Christian Frederik Baron Güldencrone (1803–1875), who was the father of Christian Baron Güldencrone (1837–1902) and Ove Baron Güldencrone (1840–1880). Ove Baron Güldencrone was an aide-de-camp of King George I of Greece, and in 1877, he presided over the creation of the Greek Navy's torpedo boat fleet.[5]

Emil Gyldenkrone has married Lona, an opera singer.
Ode of Güldencrone has married Diane, a historian.

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