French Guiana Zoo

French Guiana Zoo
Zoo de Guyane
Scarlet Ibis
4°56′53″N 52°29′32″W / 4.9480°N 52.4923°W / 4.9480; -52.4923
Date opened1983[1]
LocationMacouria, French Guiana, France
No. of animals450[2]
No. of species75[2]
Annual visitors44,000 (2013)[3]

The French Guiana Zoo (French: Zoo de Guyane) is a zoo in French Guiana, France. It is located between Macouria and Montsinéry.[2] The zoo opened in 1983 as a hummingbird centre and was called Fauna Flora Amazonica. The zoo closed in 2007, however it was bought, and reopened in 2008.[1] It is open Wednesday to Sunday.[4]


In 1983 Rudolf Watshinger started a hummingbird breeding centre, and called it Fauna Flora Amazonica. In 1985, the centre was turned into a zoo. In 2002, it was bought by the communes Macouria and Montsinéry-Tonnegrande, and in 2007, the zoo closed.[1]

Franck and Angélique Chaulet, the owners of Zoo de Guadeloupe [fr] and Jardin de Balata among others, bought the zoo, and it was reopened in 2008 as Zoo de Guyane.[5] In 2014, an aviary with 40 parrots and other birds was built near the entrance, and named after Eugène Bellony who opened the first animal park of French Guiana in the 1930s.[3] In 2013, the zoo was the second most visited attraction in French Guiana after the Salvation Islands.[3]

The collection of the zoo includes several species of monkeys, sloths, anteaters, harpy eagles, caimans, and a large collection of birds.[6] There is a treetop path through the canopy for the children.[6] The French Guiana Zoo is a member of the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria.[5]



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