Fana Island

Red-footed boobies nest on the island

Fana Island, or Fanna Island, is a 40 ha, uplifted reef island in the state of Sonsorol in the Southwest Islands of Palau in Micronesia in the south-west Pacific Ocean. It is flat, low-lying and susceptible to storms. Although uninhabited, it is occasionally visited by people from nearby Sonsorol Island.[1]


Fana is densely vegetated with Pisonia forest. It is home to large numbers of seabirds and coconut crabs, and its beaches are used for nesting by green sea turtles.[1]

Important Bird Area

The island has been designated an Important Bird Area (IBA) by BirdLife International because it supports breeding colonies of red-footed boobies, black noddies and common white terns. Brown noddies, greater frigatebirds and brown boobies also nest on the island.[1]


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Coordinates: 05°20′59″N 132°13′00″E / 5.34972°N 132.21667°E / 5.34972; 132.21667

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