Dophoogchen Gewog

Dophoogchen Gewog
Dorokha Gewog
Location of Dophoogchen Gewog
Country Bhutan
DistrictSamtse District
Time zoneUTC+6 (BTT)

Dophoogchen Gewog [a](Dzongkha: རྡོ་ཕུག་ཅན་, romanizedrdo phug cen), or Dorokha Gewog, is a gewog (village block) of Samtse District, Bhutan.[1] Dophoogchen Gewog is part of Dophoogchen Dungkhag (sub-district), which comprise Dorokha and Denchukha Gewogs.

The people here speak Lhotshamkha and are predominantly Hindus. It is connected with road from Samtse town, Phuntsholing, and Haa via Tergola. The nearest town, and district headquarters, is Samtse, about 3 hours driven from the Drungkhag.

The road newtworks connect most of the remote parts of the Geog, including Sengdhyen, a Doya or Lhop community.


  1. ^ Alternative spelling: Dophuchen.


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