Dong Charoen district

Dong Charoen
District location in Phichit province
District location in Phichit province
Coordinates: 16°1′42″N 100°37′36″E / 16.02833°N 100.62667°E / 16.02833; 100.62667
SeatWang Ngio Tai
 • Total220.3 km2 (85.1 sq mi)
 • Total18,214
 • Density82.7/km2 (214/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+7 (ICT)
Postal code66210

Dong Charoen (Thai: ดงเจริญ, pronounced [dōŋ t͡ɕā.rɤ̄ːn]) is a district (amphoe) in the southeastern part of Phichit province, central Thailand.


Neighboring districts are (from the west clockwise) Bang Mun Nak and Thap Khlo of Phichit Province, Chon Daen of Phetchabun province and Nong Bua of Nakhon Sawan province.


The minor district (king amphoe) was established on 15 July 1996 by splitting off five tambons from Bang Mun Nak district.[1]

The Thai government on 15 May 2007 upgraded all 81 minor districts to full districts.[2] On 24 August the upgrade became official.[3]


The district is divided into five sub-districts (tambons), which are further subdivided into 54 villages (mubans). The township (thesaban tambon) Samnak Khun Nen covers parts of tambon Samnak Khun Nen. There are a further five tambon administrative organizations (TAO).

No. Name Thai name Villages Pop.
1. Wang Ngio Tai วังงิ้วใต้ 9 3,511
2. Wang Ngio วังงิ้ว 11 3,797
3. Huai Ruam ห้วยร่วม 12 3,325
4. Huai Phuk ห้วยพุก 11 3,993
5. Samnak Khun Nen สำนักขุนเณร 11 5,789


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