De Boerderij (restaurant)

De Boerderij
Restaurant information
Food typeFrench
Rating1 Michelin star Michelin Guide
Street addressKorte Leidsedwarsstraat 69

Restaurant De Boerderij is a defunct restaurant in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It was a fine dining restaurant that was awarded one Michelin star in the periods 1961-1967 and 1980–1985.[1][2][3][4]

In the first Michelin period, Herman Wunneberg was head chef and owner. Wunneberg had bought the De Boerderij in 1956 and transformed it from a bar into a restaurant.[5] In the second period son Ruud Wunneberg was the owner and head chef.[6]

One of the trainee chefs at De Boerderij was Jonnie Boer. He worked there from 1982 till 1985 when the restaurant closed.[7][8]

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