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Comodo Mobile Security (CMS) is a mobile application provided free by the Comodo Group that protects Android devices against viruses, worms and scripts. It also features SMS and call blocking, a software and process manager, data and apps backup and data traffic monitor. The anti-theft feature allows users to recover lost or stolen devices.[1][2][3]

This is the first security app from Comodo, specialists in Internet security, for the Android platform.[4][5]

Comodo Mobile Security requires Android 2.2 and up. [6]

Major releases

CMS 1.2

  • CMS 1.2 was released in April 2012.[7]

CMS 2.4
CMS 2.4 was released in January 2014. Major enhancements for CMS 2.4 include:[8]

  • Cloud antivirus scans. CMS now scans for malware using both local and cloud-based detection engines.
  • Support for Android KitKat® (4.4).
  • Added language support for Arabic, Bulgarian, Greek, English, Spanish, Farsi, French, Italian, Polish, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Chinese.
  • New layout and GUI design offers easier navigation, new icons and new backgrounds.

CMS 2.5 CMS 2.5 was released in June 2014.[9]

New features:

  • Tablet version: Tablets are more secure with CMS now.
  • CMS now supports devices with x86 chipsets.


  • Improved notification behavior, one can select to be notified on every app scan or just on any malware found
  • Various other bug fixes are performed.

CMS 2.7 CMS 2.7 was released in December 2014.[9] Changes in COMODO Mobile Security 2.7:

  • Improved virus detection
  • Optional password protection for application removal
  • False positive feedback option
  • Bug fixes

Independent test labs

On June 17, 2013, AV-TEST Labs released test results of 30 Android mobile security products conducted in May 2013 using Android 4.2.2. Comodo Mobile Security 2.0 scored 5.5 of 6 for Protection and a perfect 6 for Usability in AV-TEST's two testing categories.[10]

In January 2015, AV-TEST Labs released test results of 30 Android Mobile Security products conducted in January 2015 using Android 5.0.1 Comodo Mobile Security 2.7 scored 5.5 of 6 for Protection and a perfect 6 for Usability in AV-TEST's two testing categories.[11]

Reviews reviewed Comodo Mobile Security 1.1 in January 2012 and gave it 9 of 10 stars, a rating of Excellent.[12]

Rosemary Hattersley of PC Advisor gave Comodo Mobile Security 1.2 3 ½ of 5 stars. She wrote “this smartphone app is a good all-rounder, offering an initial health check, plus ‘anti-theft’ tools in the guise of remote lock, wipe and device location, plus an alert if someone changes the SIM in the phone, all for free."[13]

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