Chelston is located in Zambia
Location in Zambia
Coordinates: 15°21′57″S 28°23′07″E / 15.36583°S 28.38528°E / -15.36583; 28.38528Coordinates: 15°21′57″S 28°23′07″E / 15.36583°S 28.38528°E / -15.36583; 28.38528
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Chelston, also Chelstone or Chakunkula, is a neighborhood in Zambia's capital city, Lusaka.


Chelston is approximately 8 kilometres (5 mi),[1] by road, northeast of downtown Lusaka, north of the highway (T4), between Lusaka and Chipata. To Chelston's west are the neighbourhoods of Munali and Kamanga. To the south is the T4 Highway. To the east is the Airport Road, leading to Kenneth Kaunda International Airport (KKIA). To the north is the swamp that lies east of KKIA.[2] The geographical coordinates of Chelston are: 15°21'57.0"S, 28°23'07.0"E (Latitude:-15.365823; Longitude:28.385265).[3]


Chelston is a middle-class residential neighbourhood. The predominant residences are single family homes for civil servants[4] and other workers in the city.

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