Canton of Maripasoula

Canton of Maripasoula
Former canton
Location of the canton of Maripasoula in French Guiana
Location of the canton of Maripasoula in French Guiana
Coordinates: Coordinates: 4°06′01″N 54°01′20″W / 4.1003°N 54.0222°W / 4.1003; -54.0222
RegionFrench Guiana
DepartmentFrench Guiana
No. of communes5
Disbanded31 December 2015
29,606 km2 (11,431 sq mi)
 • Density1/km2 (3/sq mi)

The canton of Maripasoula (French: Canton de Maripasoula) is one of the former cantons of the Guyane department in French Guiana. It was located in the arrondissement of Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni, and consisted of five communes. Its administrative seat was located in Maripasoula. Its population was 29,504 in 2012.[1]

It was the largest canton by geographic area, comparable in size to the metropolitan region of Auvergne or the country of Belgium. In addition to other cantons of French Guiana, it shared borders with both Suriname and Brazil.


The canton was composed of 5 communes:[1]


List of successive general councillors
Term Name Party Notes
1967 1985 Paul Jean-Louis UDR then RPR
1985 1998 Antoine Abienso PSG Mayor of Maripasoula (1989-1996)
1998 2004 Gérard Amayota DVD then UMP Teacher

Mayor of Apatou (2001-2008)

2004 2011 Jocelyn Agelas DVD Deputy mayor of Maripasoula
2011 2015 Claude Djani PSG


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