Campen Lighthouse

Campen Lighthouse
Lighthouse Campen.jpg
The lighthouse in 2007
LocationCampen, Germany
Coordinates53°24′20.7″N 7°0′56.5″E / 53.405750°N 7.015694°E / 53.405750; 7.015694Coordinates: 53°24′20.7″N 7°0′56.5″E / 53.405750°N 7.015694°E / 53.405750; 7.015694
Constructionsteel lattice
Height213 feet (65 m)[1]
Shapepyramidal skeletal tower with central white cylinder, double balcony and lantern
Markingsred skeletal tower, white central cylinder, red lantern
Heritagearchitectural heritage monument 
Focal height203 feet (62 m)
Intensity4,500,000 cd
Range30 nautical miles (56 km; 35 mi)
Characteristiccontinuous white light along the channel line
white flash every 5s narrow right
four white flashes every 15s narrow left

Campen Lighthouse is an active lighthouse in the village of Campen, by the Ems estuary, northwest of Emden, in the East Frisia region, state of Lower Saxony, Germany.[2] At a height of 213 feet (65 m) it is the fourteenth tallest "traditional lighthouse" in the world and the tallest in Germany.[3]

The structure consists of a free-standing lattice tower with the stair shaft inside. The lighthouse was built in 1889 and went in service on 1 October 1891.

The lamp of Campen Lighthouse has a light intensity of 4.5 million candelas, the most powerful lighthouse lamp in Germany. Remarkably, the aperture of its flashing light to the left and right has an angle of only 0.3 degrees. The continuous light aperture is also quite small, less than 0.6 degrees.

The machine building contains the oldest workable diesel engine in Germany. It was built in 1906 and has a power of 15 kilowatts.

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