Buraidah College of Technology

Buraidah College of Technology
الكلية التقنية ببريدة
ProvostSaleh Mohammad Al-Nasiri
DeanMansour bin Ebrahim
Location, ,
ColoursGreen   Blue   Yellow  

Coordinates: 26°20′36″N 43°57′9″E / 26.34333°N 43.95250°E / 26.34333; 43.95250

The Buraidah College of Technology was established in 1407H/1987 as the first college of technology in the Kingdom. Its first objectives and priorities to graduate the qualified technical cadres scientifically and practically to work in technical areas those contribute directly in building the national economy. During the first six years of implementation of the diploma program, the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation TVTC was in need for technical trainers to work in its technical institutes. Therefore, the corporation adopted the idea of applying bachelor program to rehabilitate the distinguished graduates of the diploma program in technical colleges to work in the field of training in industrial secondary institutes and technical colleges.

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