Buli Tsho

Buli Tsho
Buli Tsho is located in Bhutan
Buli Tsho
Buli Tsho
LocationZhemgang District, Bhutan
Coordinates27°09′14.3″N 90°48′33.4″E / 27.153972°N 90.809278°E / 27.153972; 90.809278Coordinates: 27°09′14.3″N 90°48′33.4″E / 27.153972°N 90.809278°E / 27.153972; 90.809278
Native nameབུ་ལི་མཚོ (Dzongkha)
Surface area2 hectares (4.9 acres)
Surface elevation1,372 metres (4,501 ft)

Buli Tsho is a natural lake and pilgrimage place located in the heart of a thick forest at a place called Baer-pang in Zhemgang District of Bhutan.[1]


The surface area of the Buli Tsho is 2 ha and situated at an altitude of 1372 m from sea level.[2]

Cultural significance

Tshomen Kuntu Zangmo commonly known as Buli Menmo is believed to be the deity of the Buli Tsho Lake; believed to be half lady and lower half snake.[3][4]


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