Transfiguration Cathedral
Transfiguration Cathedral
Flag of Bolhrad
Coat of arms of Bolhrad
Bolhrad is located in Ukraine
Bolhrad is located in Odesa Oblast
Coordinates: 45°40′2″N 28°36′46″E / 45.66722°N 28.61278°E / 45.66722; 28.61278Coordinates: 45°40′2″N 28°36′46″E / 45.66722°N 28.61278°E / 45.66722; 28.61278
Country Ukraine
Oblast Odesa Oblast
RaionBolhrad Raion
 • Total94 km2 (36 sq mi)
75 m (246 ft)
 • Total14,818
 • Density160/km2 (410/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)
Postcode district(s)
Area code+380-4846

Bolhrad (Ukrainian: Болгра́д, romanizedBolhrad, pronounced [boɫˈɦrɑd]; Bulgarian: Болград, romanizedBolgrad; Romanian: Bolgrad, Gagauz: Bolgrad), is a small city in Odesa Oblast (province) of southwestern Ukraine, in the historical region of Budjak. It is the administrative center of Bolhrad Raion (district) and hosts the administration of Bolhrad urban hromada, one of the hromadas of Ukraine.[1] Population: 14,818 (2022 est.).[2]


Historical affiliations

 Russian Empire (Bessarabia) 1821–1856
Moldavia Principality of Moldavia 1856–1859
Romania Romania 1859–1878
 Russian Empire (Bessarabia) 1878–1917
 Moldavian Democratic Republic 1917–1918
 Kingdom of Romania 1918–1940
 Soviet Union (Ukrainian SSR) 1940–1941
 Kingdom of Romania 1941–1944
 Soviet Union (Ukrainian SSR) 1944–1991
 Ukraine 1991–present

Bolhrad was founded in 1821 by Bulgarian settlers in Bessarabia, under the direction of General Ivan Inzov who is "revered" by Bolhrad residents as the "Founder of Our City."[3] Bolhrad became part of Moldavia from 1856 to 1859, Romania from 1859 to 1878, 1918 to 1940, and 1941 to 1944, before being incorporated into the USSR (in the territory of the Ukrainian SSR), and later independent Ukraine. In 1921, there was a terrorist attack on a palace on the city.[4]


Historical population
1930 14,280—    
1941 10,713−25.0%
2001 17,353+62.0%
2011 (est.) 15,479−10.8%

The surrounding Bolhradsky district is predominantly populated by ethnic Bulgarians (a majority of 61%). Bolhrad itself is inhabited by a large number of Bessarabian Bulgarians and is considered by locals to be the unofficial capital of the Bessarabian historic district of Budjak.


As of 1920, Bolhrad had a coal industry.[5]


Bolhrad High School

The Georgi Sava Rakovski Bolhrad High School founded in 1858 is the oldest high school of the Bulgarian National Revival.[6][7]

Notable residents


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