Boca de Cupe

Boca de Cupé
Main "street" at the village of Boca de Cupe in 1996
Main "street" at the village of Boca de Cupe in 1996
Country Panama
 • Land781.1 km2 (301.6 sq mi)
 • Total1,167
 • Density1.5/km2 (4/sq mi)
 Population density calculated based on land area.
Time zoneUTC−5 (EST)
Map of Tuira river area
U.S. Defense Mapping Agency maps excerpt showing Boca de Cupe along course of Tuira River.

Boca de Cupé is a corregimiento in Pinogana District, Darién Province, Panama with a population of 1,167 as of 2010.[1] Its population as of 1990 was 901; its population as of 2000 was 902.[1]

The town is not served by any paved roads, with the Pan-American Highway to the north ending at Yaviza. It is reachable by boat up the Tuira River. Civilians are not permitted to travel farther east towards Colombia.[2][3]

In the early 1900s, a single-gage railway ran to the town from the Cana gold mines.[4] It ceased operating in 1911.[5]

Villages within the corregimiento farther up the river include Sobiaquirú.[6]


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