Black Mountains (Bhutan)

The Black Mountains is a mountain range in central Bhutan, and is a sub−range of the Himalayan Range System. Locally the mountain range is known as Dungshing Gang which means the peaks of fir.


Durshingla peak, at an elevation of 15,145 feet (4,616 m), is the range's highest point. [1]

National Park

Jigme Singye Wangchuck National Park protects a large area of the Black Mountains and the Eastern Himalayan broadleaf forests ecoregion within them. It was originally named Black Mountains National Park.

Alpine lakes

The black mountains range is home to some of the beautiful alpine lakes which are the source of some rivers. The lakes are:

  • Gesatsho
  • Tshonamtsho
  • Broksatsho
  • Mendatsho
  • Peptatsho
  • Bekhotsho
  • Tshobobzhao
  • Sertsho
  • Yutsho

Socio-cultural significance

Deity Jowo Dungshing

Dungshing Go

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Coordinates: 27°17′N 90°23′E / 27.283°N 90.383°E / 27.283; 90.383

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