Bienvenue, French Guiana

Abandoned village and gold mine
Bienvenue is located in French Guiana
Location in French Guiana
Coordinates: 3°7′N 52°41′W / 3.117°N 52.683°W / 3.117; -52.683Coordinates: 3°7′N 52°41′W / 3.117°N 52.683°W / 3.117; -52.683
Overseas regionFrench Guiana
 • Total0

Bienvenue was a village in southeastern French Guiana in the Camopi commune, and is located where the Alicorne Creek flows into the river Camopi. The village used to be inhabited by the Wayampi tribe.[1] It is located in a protected zone (ZNIFF).[2] The village was abandoned in 1950.[1] In 1953, the village was listed as near the site of a gold mine.[3]


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