Bayano Dam

Bayano Dam
LocationDarién Province, Panama
Coordinates9°10′29″N 78°53′4″W / 9.17472°N 78.88444°W / 9.17472; -78.88444Coordinates: 9°10′29″N 78°53′4″W / 9.17472°N 78.88444°W / 9.17472; -78.88444
Opening date1976
Dam and spillways
ImpoundsBayano River
CreatesLago Bayano

The Bayano Dam is a dam on the Bayano River in Darién Province, Panama. The dam was built in 1976; its construction flooded approximately 350 square kilometers of rainforest,[1] displacing thousands of indigenous residents. The flooded area is now Bayano Lake. The dam is the second-largest power source in Panama.[2]

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  • Fortuna Dam, the dam in Panama that generates the most power.


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