Battle of Yanbu

Battle of Yanbu
Part of the Ottoman–Wahhabi War
Yanbu western Arabia
Result Ottoman victory
Ottoman Empire First Saudi State
Commanders and leaders
Tusun Pasha None
10,000 70
Casualties and losses
None All surrendered

The Battle of Yanbu or Yanbu Landing, was a bloodless confrontation between the Saudis and Ottomans in 1811.[1] The Ottoman Sultan ordered Mohammed Ali Pasha to start moving against Saudis to re-conquer Mecca and return the honour of the Ottoman Empire. Mohammed Ali sent his son Tusun Pasha with an army of 10,000 as a beginning to land in Yanbu, rendering it a station to re-conquer the other cities.

Tusun's forces landed successfully in Yanbu and the Saudi forces, with a strength of just 70 men, surrendered without any losses.


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