Barsukov (crater)

Barsukov crater Silinka Vallis f366s26.jpg
Barsukov crater (lower left) and Silinka Vallis, from Viking Oriber 1
Coordinates7°58′N 330°59′W / 7.97°N 330.98°W / 7.97; -330.98Coordinates: 7°58′N 330°59′W / 7.97°N 330.98°W / 7.97; -330.98
Diameter68.45 km
EponymValeri Barsukov

Barsukov is an impact crater on Mars, located in the Oxia Palus quadrangle and south of Sagan crater. It was named in 2003 after Soviet geochemist and planetologist Valeri Barsukov.[1]

The crater has a flat floor with no evidence of a central peak. A narrow channel called Silinka Vallis enters the crater along the northeast rim.


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