Ashgabat railway station

Turkmenistan Railway terminal
General information
Location Turkmenistan, Ashgabat
Previous namesKrasilnikov, Sorin

Ashgabat railway station (Turkmen: Aşgabat demirýol menzili) is the main railway station in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. It was originally built in 1888, but had to be rebuilt after an earthquake in 1948. The station is operated by the Türkmendemirýollary.


Historical view of the station (early 20th century)

The station was built in 1888, but was completely demolished in 1948 by the Ashgabat earthquake. It was rebuilt in 1950 on the foundations of the old railway station.

In 2009 the building was given a new look. The Turkish company "Belda Insaat" designed and radically reconstructed the railway station.


There are 7 train routes, 2 for transporting good and five for passenger service. The train from Ashgabat to Serakhs leaves the station twice a week, the rest are daily departures.[1]

Passenger trains:

  • 601/602 Ashgabat - Serhetabat - Ashgabat
  • 604/603 Ashgabat - Balkanabad - Ashgabat
  • 606/605 Ashgabat - Turkmenbashi - Ashgabat
  • 607/608 Ashgabat - Dashoguz - Ashgabat
  • 615/606 Ashgabat - Sarahs - Ashgabat

Transportation of goods:

  • 3/4 Ashgabat - Türkmenabat - Ashgabat
  • 95/96 Ashgabat - Atmurat - Ashgabat

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