Asfan Castle

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Asfan Castle (Turkish: Asfan Kışlası, Arabic: قلعة عسفان) is a historical edifice in Asfan Village, 30 km North of both Jeddah and Mecca, Saudi Arabia,[1] built in the eighteenth century -Exact date is disputed- as an outpost of the Ottoman army, Monitoring the road between Mecca and Medina.[2]

The small Fort is equipped with an Ammo storage and ready sites for light Artillery. However, there is no reference that story-tells its rule during the Ottoman-Saudi War (Wahhabi War) between 1811 and 1818.[3]

Qishla (modern Turkish: Kışla) is a Turkish word meaning "barracks".



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Coordinates: 21°54′58.6944″N 39°20′23.9244″E / 21.916304000°N 39.339979000°E / 21.916304000; 39.339979000

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