Anning District

Anning District from the Lanzhou Botanical Garden
Anning District from the Lanzhou Botanical Garden
Location in Lanzhou
Location in Lanzhou
Lanzhou in Gansu
Lanzhou in Gansu
Coordinates: 36°06′17″N 103°43′09″E / 36.1046°N 103.7191°E / 36.1046; 103.7191Coordinates: 36°06′17″N 103°43′09″E / 36.1046°N 103.7191°E / 36.1046; 103.7191
CountryPeople's Republic of China
Prefecture-level cityLanzhou
 • Total82.33 km2 (31.79 sq mi)
 (2014 Census)
 • Total187,189
 • Density2,300/km2 (5,900/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)
Postal code

Anning District (simplified Chinese: 安宁区; traditional Chinese: 安寧區; pinyin: Ānníng Qū) is one of 5 districts of the prefecture-level city of Lanzhou, the capital of Gansu Province, Northwest China. It forms part of the urban core of Lanzhou. The district was established in 1953 and is named after a former Ming dynasty fort.[1] It is known for having numerous peach orchards, since the Ming dynasty it has thus been nicknamed the '10-li peach county' (十里桃乡).[2]

Administrative divisions

Anning District is divided to 8 subdistricts.[3]

  • Peili Subdistrict (培黎街道)
  • Xilu Subdistrict (西路街道)
  • Shajingyi Subdistrict (沙井驿街道)
  • Shilidian Subdistrict (十里店街道)
  • Kongjiaya Subdistrict (孔家崖街道)
  • Yintanlu Subdistrict (银滩路街道)
  • Liujiabao Subdistrict (刘家堡街道)
  • Anningbao Subdistrict (安宁堡街道)


The district is the home of several educational institutes:[1]

The Lanzhou Botanical Garden is also located in the district.


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