Anna Muhamedow

Anna Muhamedow[a] (1900–1938) was the acting first secretary of the Communist Party of the Turkmen SSR immediately following Yakov Popok's resignation due to ill health on 15 April 1937. He served as the sixth first secretary of the Turkmen Communist Party.

His term lasted two days until, on 17 April, Joseph Stalin selected Yakov Chubin to succeed Popok.

In 1937, Stalin sent a telegram to Muhamedow, authorising the arrest of all Afghan citizens.[1]

He was arrested in October 1937.[2]


  1. ^ Also known by her name transliterated from Russian, Anna Mukhamedov (Russian: Анна Мухамедов)


  1. ^ Soroka, Lora. Archives of the Communist Party and Soviet State: Fond 89: Communist Party of the Soviet Union on Trial. Hoover Press. ISBN 978-0-8179-2783-7.

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