Andrée-Rosemon Hospital

Andrée-Rosemon Hospital
Main entrance to Andrée-Rosemon Hospital
LocationCayenne, French Guiana, France
Coordinates4°55′25″N 52°19′14″W / 4.923561°N 52.320607°W / 4.923561; -52.320607
FundingGovernment hospital
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Andrée-Rosemon Hospital (French: Centre Hospitalier de Cayenne Andrée Rosemon) is a hospital in Cayenne, French Guiana. With 747[1] beds, it is the largest and only full-service hospital in the overseas department and region of French Guiana.[3]

The hospital is located in the Madeleine district of Cayenne. In 1974 a central kitchen and laundry opened at the site. In 1977 a psychiatric hospital was added, and in 1992 the area was further extended with a hospital[2] as a replacement for the Saint-Denis hospital[4] which has become a nursing training institute.[5] In 2007 a nursing home (EHPAD) was added to the terrain.[2] The hospital was named after Andrée Rosemon, the first general nurse of the Cayenne hospital center.[2]

The hospital manages 18 prevention and care centres across the region[1] and has as of 2017, 250 doctors and a total staff of 2,175 employees.[6] The intensive care capacity as of 10 April 2020 is 38 beds.[3][7]


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