Andalyp (city)

Gurbansoltan Eje adyndaky (2004-2022)
Ýylanly (~1992-2004)
Ilyaly (Cyrillic Ильялы) (?-~1992)
Andalyp is located in Turkmenistan
Location in Turkmenistan
Coordinates: 41°50′N 59°39′E / 41.833°N 59.650°E / 41.833; 59.650
Country Turkmenistan
ProvinceDaşoguz Province
DistrictAkdepe District
 • Total27,455
Time zoneUTC+5

Andalyp, until 2004 called Ýylanly, and from 2004 to 2022 called Gurbansoltan Eje adyndaky, is a city and capital of Akdepe District in Daşoguz Province, Turkmenistan.[1][2]


On 9 November 2022 by parliamentary resolution the city was renamed in honor of the poet Nurmuhammet Andalyp.[2] Prior to that, on 6 September 2004 by Parliamentary Resolution 227-II the city was renamed in honor of the mother of President Saparmurat Niyazov, Gurbansoltan Eje.[1] Originally it was named Ilyaly (Cyrillic Ильялы, the meaning of which is obscure) but by no later than 1992 had been renamed Ýylanly, which in Turkmen means "with snakes".[3][4] Atanyyazow explains that this city, along with several other locations in Turkmenistan, received that name due to an abundance of snakes in the area.[5]


In the Soviet period Ýylanly was designated as an "urban-type settlement" (Russian: посёлок городского типа) and administrative center of Ýylanly District. In June 2016 by parliamentary decree Gurbansoltan eje adyndaky was upgraded to the status of "city in a district" (Turkmen: etrapdaky şäher). The same decree subordinated the villages of Hazarasp, Garamergen, and Depmechi to the city.[6] By parliamentary decree of 9 November 2022, the city was made capital of Akdepe District.[2]

The Great Soviet Encyclopedia, 3rd edition, published between 1969 and 1986, noted that the city offered a cotton ginning plant as well as a folk theater.[3]


Year 1959 1970 1979 1989 2010
Population 5,308 8,922 12,206 16,936 27,455


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