Alikoto Tapele

Alikoto Tapele
Alikoto Tapele is located in French Guiana
Alikoto Tapele
Alikoto Tapele
Location in French Guiana
Coordinates: 3°05′03″N 52°20′00″W / 3.0842°N 52.3332°W / 3.0842; -52.3332
Overseas regionFrench Guiana
72 m (236 ft)

Alikoto Tapele (formerly Alicoto) is an Amerindian village of the Wayampi tribe in southeast French Guiana, close to the border with Brazil. Alicoto was originally home to the chief of the Wayampis.[2] The Wayampis in French Guiana traditionally had very little contact with the outside world,[3] but in the 1940s, captain Eugène, the chief, did allow visits to Saint-Georges to purchase salt.[2] In 1949, the population was 30,[2] however the village was abandoned in 1971.[4] The village was resettled by 2016 as Alikoto Tapele.[4]

The village is at an important point in the Oyapock River, where there is a waterfall in the river.[1] The 1763 map of Audiffredy described it as "about 800 feet long and a 10 feet drop". Many villages have existed near the waterfall, because of the abundance of fish.[5]


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