Al Dirah (Riyadh)

حي الديرة
Masmak Fort
Country Saudi Arabia
Founded byImam Turki bin Abdullah Al Saud
 • BodyBaladiyah Al Batha
 • Total166 ha (410 acres)
 • OfficialArabic

Al-Dirah (Arabic: حي الديرة, romanizedḥaī ad-Dīrah), pronounced as ad-Dirah and alternatively spelled as Dheera, Deerah or Deera, is a neighborhood and a subject of Baladiyah al-Batha[1] in southern Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Forming the kernel of the old city region in the Qasr al Hukm District within the erstwhile city walls,[2] it is today popular for hosting several historical and traditional landmarks, such as the Justice Palace (Qasr al-Hukm),[3][4] al-Masmak Fort,[5] ad-Dirah Souk, Al-Mu'eiqilia market[6] and Deera Square.

The origins of the neighborhood can be traced back to 1824 after successful reinstatement of the Second Saudi State by Imam Turki bin Abdullah al-Saud,[7] when he expelled the Ottoman-backed Egyptian forces.

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