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Al-Andalus International School (AAIS) is a Philippine international school in Al-Rakah, Al-Jenobia, Saudi Arabia, near Khobar, and in the Dammam metropolitan area. It operates pre-elementary, elementary, and secondary classes.[1] It operates under the sponsorship of a Saudi individual.


Dr. Eduardo P. Malagapo founded the Philippine Community School in Al-Khobar (PhilCoSa) in December 1994 and the school was organized the following April; its first academic term began in June 1995, with 104 initial students. The school was established during a crisis at the International Philippine School in Al Khobar. It was renamed to Asia International School (AIS) in 1999 as it got a temporary license, no. 40/s from the Saudi Ministry of Education (MOE). The school experienced problems since the license did not cover the school's curriculum and due to periods when there was no Saudi sponsor. The ministry attempted to close the school while no sponsor was present but the principal's wife prevented the closure. The ministry granted license no. 133/s after Prince Bandar Al-Saud Al-Kabeer and his wife Mishael agreed to sponsor the school.[1]

In the 2003–2004 school year it was known as Al-Khobar Asian International School (Arabic: مدرسة الخبر الآسیان الدولیة) because even though license 133/s stated that the school would be known as Al-Andalus International School, its current name, there was another school with the same name in Riyadh, so the Saudi Ministry of Commerce did not permit the school to use its current name. The school began using its current name after the Saudi MOE stated that the school's license would not be renewed if the school did not change its name to the current one. On March 15, 2007, the Philippine Department of Education granted government permit no. 002, s. 2007 to AAIS.[1]


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