Aida Fustuq

Aida Fustuq
SpouseKing Abdullah (divorced)

Aida Fustuq is a Lebanese woman of Palestinian origin who was one of the former wives of King Abdullah, who ruled Saudi Arabia between 2005 and 2015.


Aida Fustuq hails from Lebanese Sunni family[1] who are of Palestinian origin.[2] She had eight siblings.[3] Her brothers are businessmen,[1] including Mahmoud Fustuq.[4] One of her sisters, Abla Fustuq, was the spouse of Nassib Lahoud, a Lebanese politician.[5][6]

Aida Fustuq married King Abdullah.[7] Later they divorced.[8] One of her children with King Abdullah is Princess Adila.[2] The other one is Prince Abdulaziz, former assistant foreign minister.[5][9]


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